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Roots and Rhythms is a music management and booking agency operating from Lisboa, PT.

We are a proud founding member of  the MMF Portugal (Music Managers Forum) mmfpt.org, wich is the portuguese member organization under the IMMF (International Music Managers Forum)  immf.com

Roots and Rhythms emerged in the fall of 2001.We are a company working in BOOKING, MANAGEMENT and PROMOTION of Artists and Events.

Prior to setting up our company, we have been involved in show business for more than a decade, being involved in big events such as EXPO98 ( jazz and worldmusic), and also worked in other entertainment areas, such as Cinema, TV Shows,Advertising and Management of Cultural Projects.
We have also been active in providing entertainment solutions for Corporate clients.

So far we had the pleasure to work with:

Asian Dub Foundation Babylon Circus, Banda Bassotti(it), Biús (cabo verde), Black Uhuru ( jam) B’Net Marrakech, Bunny Rugs Cheika Rimitti, Chico Cézar Dazkarieh, Dixie Peppers, Djumbai Djazz, Dr. Calypso (catalunya) Eina, Esma Redzepova, Fanfarre Ciocarlia, Farafina, Galandum Galundaina (pt), Gazua, Houria Aichi Inadaptats, Istanbul Oriental Ensemble, Jamaica All Stars (jam) Kimi Djabaté, Klezmatics, Kreator (ger) Levellers, Lila Downs (méxico), Lo..Jo, Los de Abajo, Lyricson, Ficções (pt) Macka B, Mahotella Queens, Margareth Menezes (Brasil), Maria João e Mário Laginha (pt), Mariza, Mestre Ambrósio (brasil), Mostar Sevdah Reunion, Musafir, Músicos do Nilo, Njava, Obrint Pas (catalunya), Orishas, Orquestra Feminina Andalusi Paulinho da Viola, Peste & Sida, Quarteto Astor Piazzolla, Ray Lema, Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca, Rokia Traoré Segue-me à Capela, Senge (madagáscar), Seth Lakeman, Simentera, Ska-P, Terrakota, Zion Train and many more…





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Omiri is one of the most unique projects in reinventing traditional Portuguese music.

To reinvent tradition, nothing better to bring to the show itself the true stakeholders of our culture: musicians and sounds from all around Portugal playing and singing as if they were part of the same universe. Not in the flesh and bone but in sound and image, serving as a basis for Vasco Ribeiro Casais musical composition and improvisation.

Omiri also proposes a ball where all the tunes played are danceable, according to the rhythm and balance of Portuguese traditional dances and not only (Repasseados, Drum’n’bass, Malhões, Viras, Break Beat, Corridinhos…).

Omiri is, above all, remix, the culture of the XXI century, when mixing in one show already forgotten musical practices, making them permeable and accessible to the culture of our day, synchronizing shapes and songs of Portugal´s rural tradition and the language of urban culture.








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Seiva is Portuguese folk identity showing their lifeblood mixing rurale orality and urbanity.

Seiva is look inside to seek a musical and cultural root and find Portuguese soul in the working songs, in pilgrimages, in square drums and tambourines, in songs of faith, in the strength of the drums that make our hearts beat stronger. Rhythms that the time has not yet lost but it was forgetting. Feel that essence in the braguesa viola, in the cavaquinho, in the portuguese bagpipes but also in looking forward and blaze new paths, mixing electronics and electricity without compunction or purisms.

Nourishing the present with the strength of the past to embrace the future and remember that all this is also Portuguese feeling but not necessarily sad and is much more than Fado.

All this is Seiva.

In their debut album, Seiva mix songs from the Portuguese oral tradicion (mainly for Beira-Baixa in the east of Portugal) with their own compositions. Its sonic identity, characterized by the exclusive use of Portuguese instruments (Viola Braguesa, Cavaquinho, Portuguese Bagpipes, Adufes and Portuguese Drums) to which is added some electronics, electricity, samples from old country side recordings and crowned by the powerful voice of Joana Negrão, is unique and represents an intrinsic portugality without getting stuck in the common places of folk but showing us a vision of our times.

Joana Negrão: Vocals, Portuguese Bagpipes, Adufe, Tambourine.

Vasco Ribeiro Casais: Viola Braguesa, Cavaquinho, Portuguese Bagpipes, Adufe.

Rita Nóvoa: Portuguese Drums.











The Parkinsons_LiveThe Parkinsons

Website  www.the-parkinsons.com






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The Parkinsons are a punk rock band originally from Coimbra, Portugal, formed in the year 2000 and based in London, known for their outrageous live performances.





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